About the restaurant


Senoji Trobelė

A cozy little restaurant serving the best in Lithuanian cuisine with a beautiful patio where you can enjoy traditionally made zeppelins, vegetarian dumplings with spinach, potato pancakes, meat and fish dishes, and tasty snacks.

 It’s time for a rebirth in Lithuanian culinary heritage. At Senoji trobelė, guests are treated to special Lithuanian dishes that are prepared from the oldest recipes. Lots of attention is given to how the dishes taste, in combination with the aesthetics and presentation of the food.

 Guests can enjoy hearty meals (leg of lamb, pork ribs, pork neck in wine sauce, traditional dumplings with meat, and many other dishes). They can also try lighter dishes (potato dumplings with spinach, local salads, homemade dumplings, desserts, etc.). Daily-baked corn bread also brings an unforgettable taste. The bread is made from natural leaven with linseed, bran, sunflowers, oats and other nutritious grains, making it one of the restaurant’s most loved products.

Senoji trobelė’s owners give special attention to the drinks too. Guests can taste and compare different Lithuanian beers, the finest in Lithuania, which retain their special taste and are prepared from the oldest recipes.

As for stronger drinks, you definitely need to taste authentic Lithuanian mead (midus), a special alcoholic drink you will not find anywhere else, as it is produced from local honey and local herbs with a natural method of fermentation. Every mead has its distinctive flavour and aroma. 

The company’s pride is the 75-degree strength mead balsam Žalgiris. This is a unique and extremely high-quality product, which is produced by distilling the mead four times and flavouring it with aromatic herbs. The production of this drink lasts for two years, and then it can be matured further. 

It’s fantastic that guests can enjoy their food in the restaurant and on the terrace and afterwards enjoy a stroll through the Old Town.